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The Best 3d Pen Features

Leaving aside the basic function of all pen 3D printing, which is printed in 3D, there are other features and functions that can facilitate the process, make it more comfortable and more complete.

Some of these functions may be standby, a large LCD display , plastic jam detection systems, temperature management , LED indicators and more.

Here are some of the most useful you can find in these smart pens :

Type of control: you can look for a model that allows you to control the heat level to have more accurate results, or also let you modify the amount of plastic that is ejected to handle the speed and fluidity of drawing steadily. This type of controls are typical of good quality products .

Design : Look for an ergonomic modeland small size and compact is what is preferred today, as well as the ability to easily recharge them with your computer or laptop with USB .

The idea is that the product feels comfortable in the hand and that allows you to see the screen well at all times and control the settings of the pen.

Filament Type: The type of filament used directly influences the way you draw and there are many types on the market , but it is always important that you look for an easy to replace. This helps your best 3d pen to last longer. There are 4 popular types: standard, flexible, composite and special.

Brand : There are several high-quality 3Doodler, Scribbler and Lix. The idea is to compare them according to the quality and functions they offer. Some may be more innovative than others.

User Reviews: It is always good to look for a model that has good reviews on the part of its users, but are realistic reviews and not manufactured, those mandated by manufacturers. In turn, you can search for opinions and comments on YouTube to see how it works and how a particular model looks.

Artistic Uses

For artists or art enthusiasts, 3D printing pens allow you to make designs and retouch objects made by 3D printers that are no longer adhering to surfaces. The good thing is that, besides that, the plastic cools just coming out of the tip of the pencil , so you can make patterns and creative drawings in the air .

The point is that it can be a little complicated to do these jobs without using a surface, since you need to adapt to the diameter of the model, and you must learn to use the correct force and speed so that the plastic does not accumulate in a single point or that the Filament is very thin and weak.

You have to be patient, learn and acquire a lot of practice with the model you choose before you can draw that way with complete ease and creativity .