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7 Guides To Purchase A Food Processor

The discovery of food processors has made life way easier, and here I hope to share a few tips that I picked up from relevant sources on how to pick the best food processor for your cooking needs:-

The factors to look at while choosing your gadget are:

1) Processor Capacity – The main food processor bowl should not be anything smaller than 1.4litres in volume, and the area can reach up to 3litres. Imagine what sort of jobs you would use the processor for most of the time, and choose the model based on the criteria. Although this criterion may not be 100% accurate, it does give you a picture of your choice. For example; if you are a family of only four people, how often would you need a 3litre capacity bowl?


2) Blades – Do not go for anything that is NOT stainless steel. Most processors offer a variety of blades for different tasks such as blending, chopping, grating, julienne, slicing. It is more value for money if the machine comes with many blades for it is versatile and is so handy.

3) Wattage – The wattage varies from 400W to 1100W or more. A higher wattage would speed up the process and be more suitable for heavy usage. You would surely want a machine that is capable of handling any job you want, therefore choose the most powerful model that your budget can cover. Alternatively, aim to own one that is at least 750W or higher.

4) Versatility – Think long term. Some processors give you the versatility of juicing as well while some have a bullet blender that enables carrying out different tasks at the same time. This is extremely time efficient and although at first look this processor is pricier, but in the long run it will be worth it because you won’t need other gadgets.

5) Safety Features – Basic features are interlocking and non-slip feet. Check to see if the model of your choice has these features, of course more safety virtues provide peace of mind.

6) Cost – I would say that for any budget, there is a processor suitable; of course, it is you get what you pay for. For domestic usage, models usually range from $50 to $200 (about RM 200- RM 800). It is advisable to invest in a more expensive one as it gives you more functions and is more durable.

7) Warranty – Each manufacturer has their warranty duration. Make sure you are certain of the brand’s reputation, especially if you have never bought anything from this brand before. It’s better if the manufacturer offers replacement warranty.

Well, these are the 7 Guides to purchase your best food processor. To learn more about the Food Processors, visit