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What Are Some Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Armpits?

Dark armpits can be quite problematic if you are wearing sleeveless dress, for example: tank tops. If you are upset and wondering how to get rid of dark armpits, then there are many simple ways of doing so. This article will take a look at how to get rid of the dark armpits so that you can dress in sleeveless without any worry.

Some Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Armpits:

You can try natural bleaching agents to get rid of the dark armpits. These natural bleaching agents are from the fruits and vegetables that allow
bleaching of the skin, without causing much damage which could be done by using the commercialized bleaches that are found in the market. Some of the natural bleaches are mentioned below:

  • Potato: Potato is one of the most effective methods of bleaching the dark armpit skins to provide a lighter complexion when applied properly. It is very easy to follow this method as all you need to do is to cut a fresh and clean potato into thin slices. Take a thin slice and gently rub in on the dark area of the armpit. Make sure you rub the whole area properly to allow the effect of the potato juice on the skin from the thin slice. But if you think the potato juice is not being released properly, then you can grate some potatoes to release the juice and then apply it to the dark areas of the armpits. Another method you can do is to collect the potato juice and use a clean cotton blob to rub the juice over the dark areas of the armpit skin. Let it stay for about 10 minutes to dry and then remove and rinse properly with water. You can also do it 10 minutes before bath time to easily remove the potato juice from your underarms.
  • Another effective vegetable that you can use to bleach your dark armpits is cucumber. To use this natural DIY method to lighten your armpits, follow the same instructions as with the potato juice. But with cucumber, you can include some additional natural ingredients as well such as: few drops of lemon juice and turmeric paste to the juice. Then you will need to apply the juice and then wait for ½ hour to dry off and then wash and rinse with water properly.

  • Another effective method of lightening the dark armpits is to use lemon. To follow this method, you will need to cut a fresh thick slice of lemon and then rub the thick slice of lemon on the armpits with the darkened skin. The lemon juice will effectively remove the dead skin cells from the armpit skin that is causing the skin to darken and will lighten it up. After rubbing, clean the skin properly with water. Remember that lemon juice can dry up the skin; therefore apply a good moisturizer on the armpits after using this method. You can also add turmeric paste, yoghurt or honey with the lemon juice, which you can leave for 10 minutes and rinse it clean properly with lukewarm water.