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Importance Of Good Web Design On SEO

A responsive website is a key to having your website SEO. If your website cannot adapt to any shape, size and navigation then all your efforts for SEO are being affected adversely. And for seo friendly web design, atomic design is the best seo rochester company. Below are the things to consider:

Significance Of A Responsive Website


Many factors add to the SEO of your website, but responsive design affects it the most. Without a responsive design, even the concept of SEO is void. Here are some of the factors why the responsive website is important for the SEO.


The websites which are responsive are having two different views: landscape and portrait to fit in all sort of devices. They are having keywords and unique material that keeps their ranking high in the search engines. They are introducing on-screen keyboards when are used on tablets and phones. The websites are now having a single version of the page. A Larger number of pages will force the search engine to get slow down and look for the page. This phenomenon reduces the ranking of the website and affects its SEO. If a website has a single page having unique information, then the SEO will be higher, and the search engine will rate it high.

User Reviews

The search engine takes into account the user reviews for your website. It rates the website, having more positive reviews, higher. This situation is handled by providing the user the maximum facilities and brings it back again and again. Search engines also calculate bounce rate. They calculate the bounce rate for all the devices and then affect the SEO on bounce rate basis. The one with more bounce rate will be rated lower. The reason is that the search engines want to improve their search engine result page (SERP). The one with more bounce rate will have a bad impression on the result page.

Mobile Friendly

The websites which are more mobile friendly are rated higher in the search engine. The one who have the features to be used in the mobiles are the one preferred. This feature was an exception a few time back, but now it has been officially announced by many search engines. Search engines are leaving behind the websites that cannot be friendly to mobiles. This update has affected the SEO of many websites. The websites that were once at the tops are now at the bottom as they didn’t change before the change.

Importance Of Mobile

50% mobile users use the search engines. People are more comfortable with using mobile phones and are addicted to the easy to access mobiles. People from all around the world search the web from mobile phone thus the websites which can be used on mobiles are rated high. Websites that are responsive are more important to the SEO than ever. They rate them up to have their rating up. No search engine will ever want to post a link on result page that cannot be visited with a mobile. Search engines, themselves, are offering tools to check your website mobile friendliness.